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Measuring Luminance with a Dital Camera - Advanced Test. Altek Calibrators Ametek Dry Block Calibrators Beta Pressure/Temperature Calibrators Fluke Calibration / Hart Scientific Dry Block Calibrators Hart Communicators Martel Process Calibrators Meriam Communicators and Manometers PIE Calibrators Thermoprobe Thermometers Pro Cal V5 Calibration Management Software Martel 3001 Precision Calibrator Features: The Martel 3001 precision calibrator combines the power and features of the M2001 (voltage, current, TC, RTD and pressure) with a second completely isolated measurement channel for a single laboratory calibration instrument unmatched in versatility, performance, and value. Sep 16, 2011. 3. 3 Camera Calibration. 6. 4 Example Measurement LED Array. 9. A written table in the meter operating manual or software in the unit. If the aperture number fs is increased one stop a factor of 1.4, the area of the. Amprobe LM-80. 0.01 to 20,000 lux. ±3%. 38. Mastech LX1330B. User Comment.

Electrical Test Tools - Servipartes As with every Martel calibrator, the 3001’s world-class performance and features are accessed through a very simple-to-use, intuitive user interface. View a demonstration of the Meriam 4150 Hart Communicator below. Aug 1, 2004. ServiceFirst Item # to Amprobe. The SC66 is a manual ranger desned for HVAC/R. The SC76 has more. Accuracy +/-3%fs+1 dit.

ROCKWELL AUTOMATION 9300-ENA - WERNER_ELECTRIC Different from most electronic thermometers, the “Cordless” TL-1A has no wires to get in the way or break. Home; ; Products; ; Automation; ; Software; ; Industrial Control Software; ; 9300-ENA. Industrial Control Software. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION 9300-ENA.

Hioki 3285, 3285-20 Clamp On Meter - TestEquity Like precision mercury thermometers, the TL-1A has accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability. Amprobe · Anaheim Scientific · Aim-TTi · Advanced Fiber Solutions. DC Voltage, 30.00 V to 600 V, 3 ranges, Basic accuracy ±1.0 % rdg. Monitor, Analog output, DC, or AC 1 V/ f.s. Level output, Waveform output DC to 15 kHz. Carrying Case, Hand strap, 6F22 Stacked manganese battery, and Instruction Manual.

Ametek Chatillon DFE2-500 DFE II Dital Force Gauge Transcat But unlike those thermometers there will never be problems with mercury separation or hazardous material cleanup. Ships in 3-4 weeks. 2.00. Batteries; RS232 Cable; Flat Tip; Hook; Chisel Point Tip; Notch Tip; Extension Rod; Battery Charger; Carrying Case; User Manual.

AM-270 Datasheet - Mouser The Martel 3001 is truly a “process calibration laboratory in a box.” For more details, click here to view product information on the Meriam 41 Hart Communicators. Meriam Smart Manometer thermometer is intended to be used anywhere a precision glass stem thermometer or other type thermometer may be used. It is an improved version of the orinal Thermo Probe model TL-1. Safety rated to CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V for outdoor and. Test leads pair; Battery installed; User's manual; banana plug K type thermocouple. 10% F. S. 6Hz - 125kHz. Capacitance. Range. Accuracy*. 50.00nF.

Meters and Meter Test Equipment - Intellirent products category The TL-1A incorporates glass thermometer simplicity and reliability with the ease of a dital display. Products. Quick, Basic LCR Measurements; Hand Held with Simplified Controls; Measures Resistance. Amprobe AT-3500 Pro. Functions; RS-232 Interface and Analog Output +/-3v FS; Includes Zero Gauss Chamber; Alternate Probes. Handles; Provided by intellirent with Hook, 90° Tip and 3-6' Extension Handles.

Werner Electric Supply WERNER_ELECTRIC.

Hart / Altek / Beta / Martel - JM Test Systems Two isolated, stainless steel, pressure sensors with 0.025% F. S. accuracy; Temperature-compensation. Hart 475 Field Communicator - User's Manual New!

Temperature Humidity Meters and Dew Point Meters - Grainger Results. 3 Zone Temperature1. +/-1.8 Degrees, +/-3% RH5. AMPROBE5. 100 Percent Relative Humidity Range, +/-2 Percent FS Humidity Accuracy.

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