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Unit Equal Opportunity Training Guide - Army Sustainment Command Food Funny Pics Futurism Gadgets Health History Humour Internet Link Latte Military Music Nature Photography Quotes Science Sns Space Sports Steampunk Technology Trains Travel Vintage Weird Exclusive: Interviews 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 Link Lattes Feel-Good &Biscotti Issues Steampunk Art and DRB-branded Goodies! Subject to the Uniform Code and Military Justice, and prevention of sexual. Training Circular 26–6, Commander's Equal Opportunity Handbook. Examples of verbal comments include telling sexual jokes and using.

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AppendixAustralian English military slang - Wiktionary - SF&F Reviews - SF&F Toplists - SF&F History - Rare Pulp Magazines Our Travels Our Writing Our Music Our Artwork Feel-Good! Bush hat - The floppy hat worn by soldiers in the field or in non-barracks training. Bushie - The. The sort of pun you find really funny when you're 18 years old. Derived from the army use of the term pampet to refer to a training manual.

Unit Equal Opportunity <strong>Training</strong> Guide - <strong>Army</strong> Sustainment Command
AppendixAustralian English military slang - Wiktionary
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